Brad Stark

Brad will be starting up classes in April for stone carving
please stop by the gallery or call (209) 768-2733
or e-mail brad
for more information

Brad was born in Oakland, Calif and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area until the age of 12
when his family moved to Calaveras County.
Brad went to Calaveras High School where he developed a passion for photography
and became the lead photographer for the high school yearbook.

While hiking with friends, he discovered the local stone commonly known as soapstone
and began to carve sculpture.

His first commercial endeavor carving was to make soapstone pipes with deer antler stems and rabbit skin belt pouches that he sold at the Novato Renaissance Fair at Black point, California starting in 1974. Following that he began to sell sculptures in galleries in 1978.

During College Brad studied Natural Resources and became an assistant to Natural Resource Park Ranger Glenn Walfort, working in Big Trees State Park, a pioneer in the field of natural burn fires technology for the park service. In 1980 Brad became a Backcountry Patrol Ranger in Yosemite National Park.

An avid hiker, brad developed a love for the outdoors. He and his friend and carving partner Kent Justice fell in love with the local river canyon and began to carve the animals of the area. They marveled at the animals traveling up and down the river corridor using it as a pathway to travel to the higher elevations during the summer and downstream during the winter. Kent had the vision to save the river corridor as a young man and they began selling sculpture and working toward purchasing adjoining properties as they became available. Over 30 years they managed to purchase the entire local canyon of 330 acres to keep it from being developed. Kent passed away in 2008 and Kent’s family agreed to complete his vision.

Brad has been working with the family and the county to put the land into a conservation easement
with the Fish and Game Dept. to create the Justice Wildlife Preserve
to forever protect this property and save it for the wildlife.

Forever curious, Brad developed a passion for the study of ancient culture and traveled extensively around the world to visit the land and temples of the old cultures. He now creates educational documentaries using his photography and music to educate people about other cultures. With his company called Earthlinguistics he goes into schools, churches and educational organizations.

Brad’s sculpture reflects his experience of nature and his love of spirit to create abstract sculpture that he hopes will inspire people to reflect and grow, and to be excited to create.

To help that, Brad teaches sculpture as he feels it is important for everyone to be creative, and cultural education shows to help people gain a more broad perspective of life

See more pictures at the Stark Ryality website

Brad is also a photographer and creates educational documentaries you can see more
at the Earthlinguistics website

A portion of all sales will go toward the ongoing development of the Justice Wildlife Preserve.